Another F*#king Press Conference

By: Matthew McKay and Michael Jewell

Directed by: Michael Jewell

A crisis, a cardboard cutout, and an enormous ego all star in this fast-paced political satire.

Vaughn Major MP has a dream!  A dream about delivering Another F*#king Press Conference to the nation!  A dream about delivering one of the greatest f*#king speeches of all time!  He will definitely talk about those endangered parrots and the sex scandal (separate issues, of course).  And he will probably start a war with China.  In fact, he promises he will, if that’s what it takes to make his popularity numbers go up…  ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ – that’s what Vaughn Major believes; when really, we just want him to ‘Stop the Quotes’!  Help us laugh this narcissistic f*#kwit out of Parliament forever by booking your tickets now!

“I have no words” – a critic.

“Stop calling me” – same critic, following week.

“How did you get inside my house?” – same critic, that night.

“Please put down the gun” – same critic, less confident.

“The best show in history, a must see!” – a critic with one functioning kneecap.

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